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How to revive sick yesterday today tomorrow plant?

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How to revive sick yesterday today tomorrow plant?

Hi, I have attached some pictures of both my "yesterday today tomorrow" plants. They seem sick and I am seeking a solution. Woudl you be able to help?






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Sick "yesterday today tomorrow"plant

Hi @Brian101,


From what I can see the remaining leaves look fairly healthy, so I might ask a few questions to help our knowledgeable members such as @mich1972 & @Noelle to provide their best advice.


Can you advise what sort of care you've already given to the plant? 


Have you fertilised recently?


What's the watering regime like?


Did the leaves start dropping off recently?


It's also worth looking at this article by our knowledgeable member Noelle on How to diagnose a sick plant for some guidance on what to look out for.



Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to revive sick yesterday today tomorrow plant?

Hi @Brian101 

Your plant is covered in lichen, which is parasitic and will be drawing nourishment through the bark from the plant.  The shrub also looks rather old and neglected - in need of a hard prune to remove all that old wood and promote new growth. The shrub will not flower or grow from old, diseased wood so if you want to revive the plant, it all has to go! Given its current condition, you have nothing to lose by pruning severely. You may be able to encourage it to produce abundant new shoots, which would be great, or it may just be on its last legs and it won't come back.

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