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How to transfer mint to a bigger pot?

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How to transfer mint to a bigger pot?


I bought a small pot of mint plant from bunnings its dying now. Can you please tell me how to move this to bigger pot ? I have a small yard with lots of trees in it but I don't know how to transfer it from pot to ground. I am zero with gardening even don't know the basic. Please be kind.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Mint plant

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Mehwish. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about transplanting herbs.


It's not a good idea to transplant a sickly plant, as it will only cause further stress when it's already weakened. You might like to post a picture of it to give our members a better idea of how dire the situation is. If you could also let us know where you have been keeping the plant, how often you have been watering it and how much sun it receives, that would be helpful.


If you still wanted to transplant the mint, my advice would be to simply dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, remove the plant, and place it directly in the hole without disturbing the roots too much.


Here's a couple of guides you should find helpful: How to plant and grow herbs and How to grow mint.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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