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Is it okay to install instant turf during winter?

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Is it okay to install instant turf during winter?

Hi! We need some advice for our garden specifically front yard. We're planning to fix and install roll turf or instant turf this season, do you think it is okay during this season? TIA

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Re: Need some advice

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Sammer. Many thanks for your questions, I'd be happy to answer it.


It's fantastic to have you join us and great to hear about your new front lawn. You can lay turf this season, but depending on your location you might have more or less luck. In NSW, QLD and WA where winters are milder, Sir Walter Buffalo would be the best choice. It will stay mostly dormant until spring when it will start to establish. During this period of colder months, not much water is needed and it should not be watered like a newly laid lawn in spring or summer. Ideally, it would be best to lay the lawn coming into the warmer months, but understandably you might not want to wait that long.


If you are from other states that see colder winters then it would be worth considering holding off until spring. Let me mention the very knowledgable @Adam_W to see if he would like to join the discussion also.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have other questions.




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Re: Need some advice

Hi @Sammer & welcome!
Sorry for the delay, been laid up with a nasty cold. Gotta' love it when everyone in the house gets it during school holidays...
Okay... @MitchellMc is spot-on with his comment.
- The best turf will be one that's recommended for your local area. Sir Walter is pretty fab & of all the buffalo varieties it tends to have better winter colour.

- Depending on where you are it likely won't do much until spring. Most lawns go quite dormant during winter.

- I've actually just laid 20sq/m of turf here (it's a buffalo/couch blend that often used up here) to fix a drainage problem in the short-term & it's started growing quite well. We're in the sub-tropics so although we get nights down to 5˚ or less we still get nice warm days of 20˚+ so good for slow but steady growth.
- Watering is the most difficult thing to get right at this time of year. Too much and roots will rot, too little and it will dry out & brown badly. One thing that helps with watering balance is using a turf underlay soil as this will hold the right level of moisture.

I made this little video a few years back & you may find it helpful. Please fire-away with any questions!


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