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This week in the garden

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This week in the garden


It’s been a cold wet week in the Yarra Valley but still plenty to do in the garden. Perfect time to get some new fruit trees and roses in. Planting late Autumn into June ensures that any bare rooted  stock will be in perfect condition for planting and won’t  have been sitting around for too long. Also soaking them in some Seasol before planting helps them along  their way. We have planted a couple of Apples in the ground and I have put a Dwarf variety in one of the wine barrels. I have been researching how to naturally prevent coddling moth. I have placed a layer of mulch and overlapping cardboard around  the  base of trees, this helps to suppress the moths in the ground before they climb up the trunk to lay their eggs. I’m also going to purchase some tree guard from Bunnings that you smear on the trunk, I will also be able to use it for the Cherry Trees to help prevent Cherry Slug.

Autumn is a great time for planting perennials also  as they have plenty of time to establish before the hotter months. I have been busy planting lots of Salvias and other flowering shrubs. 

 I have pruned the established roses that have finished flowering and that are look a bit messy.  I don’t really follow any rules with pruning roses just cut them back when needed and they always put on a lovely show. The climbing varieties are still looking good and full of buds. The Tree Dahlia is flowering despite being attacked by Cockatoos 🤣 and high winds and the Camellias  are putting on a nice show. 


I hope you have had a good week in your garden. Happy gardening! 
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Bunnings Team Member

Re: This week in the garden

It's great to hear what you have been up to in the garden this week @LisasGarden. You've suggested some wonderful gardening tips too, which I'm sure others will find helpful.


I trust your enthusiasm will encourage our other members to get out into the garden. Many thanks for sharing.




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