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Winter Herbs

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Winter Herbs

Hi guys, was wondering what the best herbs are for withstanding the upcoming colder months. I'm based in Melbourne, VIC and was hoping to plant some herbs in the garden this weekend. The weather is already fresh and rainy so I was wondering what herbs should survive the winter months or what sort of protection would help - thanks!

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Re: Winter Herbs



You can plant parsley, chives, mint, thyme, sage and garlic. You could also try corriander, although it's a little harder. 

Re: Winter Herbs

Great, thanks for the advice! What about basil? Would it survive the colder months?
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Re: Winter Herbs

Sorry @aly, basil only grows from spring through to autumn. You'll need to wait for the warmer weather. 

Re: Winter Herbs

Yes, too late for basil now unfortunately. Plant it with your tomatoes in the spring.

Re: Winter Herbs

Thanks for the advice! I picked up some seedlings the other night from Bunnings so will have to get planting this weekend!
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Re: Winter Herbs

Would love some tips on keeping corriander alive. I just lost another one...


Anyone have any luck with it in Melbourne? Latest was just a pot on the deck. 

Re: Winter Herbs

Hi Isobel

My Youngest Son Lives in Melbourne i live in Gosford NSW but don't let that fool you we get much colder weather than 

Sydney frosts a lot and even Ice on our windscreens Mid to late winter. Your Best Bet is to protect the herbs by Creating 

a mini Cheap Greenhouse out of stakes and Plastic but let some air in protects from icy cold winds and when the suns out

with enough water Mini Greehouse Effect.

Cheers hope this works for you

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