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How do I fix the winder on my outdoor umbrella?

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How do I fix the winder on my outdoor umbrella?


I have a Marquee 3m round umbrella ($89).  For some reason, it won't wind up.  It has been working fine, so I'm not sure what went wrong.  

Is it possible to fix the winder, please? It is my third umbrella in 5 years and I am reluctant to re-purchase if I can fix it.


Thanks in advance.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How do I fix the winder on my outdoor umbrella?

Hi @janee,


Welcome to the Workshop community. We're really pleased to have you join the community and look forward to reading all about your projects and plans for around the house and garden. 


Unfortunately I suspect it's going to be difficult for our members to assist you with this one, but if you could provide as much information as possible about what you think has gone wrong with the winder and also a photo of the mechanism, some of our clever and knowledgeable members might be able to offer some suggestions for you.


Alternatively, if you still have proof of purchase and bought it from a Bunnings store, I'm sure the team at your local warehouse would be happy to assist. 


Many thanks,




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