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What to paint on treated Pine outside railing?

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What to paint on treated Pine outside railing?

I'm using 200mm by 50mm treated pine sleepers for a horse fence, ripping them down the middle to create 100mm by 50mm. Then I want to paint white. A friend suggests I let it age for a few months for the "Stain" to run out a bit, otherwise if I paint immediately the stain will run through the paint. Any suggestions as to what paint to use and when?

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Re: What to paint on treated Pine outside railing?

Hi @rennies46 


A month of fine weather should be adequate for drying the pine. Then prime and and any acrylic/water based paint will be good as an overcoat. 


As an afterthought, have you checked out that treated pine is safe for horses that crib/windsuck due to the arsenic content?



Re: What to paint on treated Pine outside railing?

Thanks @Monument. It's a training arena so no horses will be in there long enough or be allowed to chew the railing. Thanks for the advice 👍

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: What to paint on treated Pine outside railing?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @rennies46. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about what paint to use on your outdoor railing.


It's great that you've received fantastic advice from @Monument. I agree with the recommendation of seasoning the timber for a few weeks. This will let most of the sap and tannin leech out and dry off in the hot weather. You could also accelerate the process by using Cabot's 2L New Timber Prep. It is vital that all the sides of the timber be painted over especially the cut areas. I recommend using Taubmans Low Sheen White Sunproof Exterior Paint, it has UV protection and is water-based for easy cleanup. 


It sounds like a very interesting project, I'm sure our members would be keen to see what the training area looks like once the sleepers are in place. Any updates you can provide would be much appreciated.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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