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Where to find this bonsai stand?

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Where to find this bonsai stand?

hi, does anyone know of any bunnings stores that still have any of these stands left for sale any where in Australia. 

Thanks 😊 



Re: Where to find this bonsai stand?

Oh my, thankyou soo much Mitchell. I cant tell you how great that news is. Thats actually exciting.


I sure will.

Thankyou again soo very much 😊


Re: Where to find this bonsai stand?

Beautiful squamata prostrata @deano198o. Did you do all that refinement yourself? If so, lovely work! 


I was looking to create a cascade-style bonsai and had purchased some advanced squamata prostrata stock at significant expense. I got as far as doing the big chop of the upright trunk (it was initially four feet high with an inch-thick trunk) and began the initial stages of adding movement and refining the lower branches. Unfortunately, it had a huge infestation of curl grubs in the stock pot which devastated the roots in a matter of months. By the time I realised after bare rooting it, it was already dead. Such a shame.


I currently don't have any Bonsai, but I still have a dream of one day owning a formal upright-styled White Pine. 


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: Where to find this bonsai stand?

Maaaaaaaate, i feel ya pain there. 

Did the infestation come with the bonsai when you first purchased it? I always repot strait away with fresh material when i get a new one as you just dont know what might be going on or how long it was since last repot etc.

Also a good free draing soil mix with akadama etc. helps to reduce the risk of things like that as its not an ideal habitat for grubs. But requires more consistant watering as it doesnt hold water as well for longer.

Where do you live? There is a fantastic bonsai nursery on the goldcoast that has a huge range of bonsai species from varying growth stages, but some are pricey. Its worth checking out if you ever around there.

Berrigans Rd Nursery. 


Re: Where to find this bonsai stand?

I believe I bare rooted at the time, but I had it in soil in a 30L black plastic pot as I wasn't sure if I was going to grow it on @deano198o. I'm pretty sure the grubs must have got into it at my place. However, it did have a tangled root system from the nursery, so I remember it was hard to remove all the initial soil from it. The grubs could have been lurking in the tangled roots. 


I'm in Sydney, we've got a few decent ones down here. For the White Pine stock, I was looking at something that's been pruned as Bonsai stock and is around 15-20 years old. The last stock plants I looked at were under 40cm high, and the bases were around 120mm. No refinement was done to them; just had their height restricted over the years. I think they were between $850 and $1200.




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