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Ideas for keeping outdoor areas warm in winter

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

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Transform your outdoor entertaining area into a warm winter haven for friends and family to enjoy. Outdoor heating and clever design can help ensure a deck, patio and even a garden can be cozy and inviting.


Check out the advice below and let us know if you need ideas for your home. We’re here to help.


Outdoor heaters


An outdoor heater can help you enjoy an alfresco area all year-round. Both gas and electric models are available and offer instant, constant heat.


Outdoor area gas heaters provide direct heat and can warm a significant area. They come in various styles, including freestanding, tabletop and wall-mounted options.


Infrared strip heaters are highly efficient as they directly warm objects and people rather than just heating the air around them. They can be conveniently mounted on walls and ceilings, freeing up floor space.


Check out How to choose an outdoor heater for more advice from the Bunnings team.


Fire pits 


Fire pits not only provide warmth but also help create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Wood-burning fire pits add rustic charm to any setting, and are available in different finishes such as stone, steel, cast iron and concrete.


Get more inspiration and advice from How to choose a fire pit, our Top 10 most popular fire pit projects and How to build a fire pit.


Outdoor blinds 


Weatherproof bistro blinds can be zipped together to form a continuous barrier, keeping warmth in and cold wind out. They are an excellent choice as they block the wind while allowing light to come through, maintaining visibility and a sense of openness in your space.


Outdoor blinds can also help partially enclose an outdoor area, buffering against cold winds while letting natural light and fresh air in. This reduces the chill without fully closing off the space.


The Bunnings team has a step-by-step guides How to install bistro blinds and How to install outdoor roller blinds.


Outdoor furniture


Using outdoor furniture with cushions instead of bare steel provides insulation and comfort. Cushions help retain body heat better, prevent the discomfort of sitting on cold metal surfaces, and enhance your outdoor space's overall warmth and coziness.


Get more advice from the guide How to choose the right outdoor furniture and How to choose the right lounge furniture.


Blankets and throws 


Keep a supply of warm, weather-resistant blankets and throws for your guests. Fleece or wool blankets are good choices, and they can add a cozy touch to your outdoor decor. 


Strategic landscaping 


Plant trees or shrubs around your outdoor area to act as natural windbreaks. Dense hedges, bamboo, or evergreen trees can block cold winds and help create a more sheltered microclimate in your yard. If vegetation is not an option due to limited space, screening panels should be considered.


Get more advice from How to plan a garden makeover and ideas from our Top 10 most popular screening projects.  


Spas and saunas


Elevate your outdoor experience with the addition of a spa and immerse yourself in warm water or indulge in the heat and detoxification benefits of a sauna. Whether you seek relaxation or rejuvenation, these luxurious amenities offer year-round appeal. They are also space efficient and portable.


Get more advice from The ultimate outdoor spa buying guide.


When choosing a sauna, look for features like internal colour therapy lighting, Bluetooth audio and integrated controls for comfort and convenience. Consider an infrared sauna for clean, dry heat and easy assembly.



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