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How to fill gap on staircase between gyprock and wood before painting?

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How to fill gap on staircase between gyprock and wood before painting?







Hi all


Staircase railing has been replaced and there is a gap between where the gyprock/plaster is and where the new wood is that is unsightly


The house is getting painted this week


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best fix this so it will look good once painted with no gaps?


Have heard a wood trim potentially but not sure what type to get it to match the stairs or how to make it look good


Will be getting painted so just wanting gap covered prior to painters finishing


Hoping it's a fairly easy job to do





Thanks for any advice

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to fill gap on staircase between gyprock and wood before painting?

Afternoon @DavidBrent 

My mind went down the path of ummmm then an out of left field idea popped into my head! But firstyly Id like to say welcome to the Bunnings Community page :smile: So many answers to so many questions in here :smile:

So the first way is possibly the easiest-

- Use trim to cover over the gap and leave as is. porta 40 x 5mm 2.4m moulding pine round edging clear There are a whole nunch of different shapes you could go for if you wante dto dress the edge up. pine mouldings 


- Outside the box thinking. You could run an LED strip in that gap. You have access to inside the stairwell so you could hide the cables. Smooth off the top of the plaster, then stick this to it. Your eyes will blend it in and it will give a nice outline. tp link 5m smart wi fi light strip I made up my own cornice for my libary and it came up nicely. This way you could have a hiden but seen light strip un the underside of the stairs?



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fill gap on staircase between gyprock and wood before painting?

Hello @DavidBrent 


Thanks for sharing your question about covering the gap in your staircase. 


It's great that you've received excellent advice from a @Dave-1. I totally agree with the recommendation of using timber moulding to cover the gap in your staircase. I also think that this is an excellent opportunity for you to put in LED strip lights if you are keen to have illumination near the entrance door. 


Speaking of the entrance, I noticed a piece of timber leaning against the door frame. Is this the original timber beading covering the gap? If it is, perhaps it can be recycled? If not, then I suggest picking out a new timber trim that you like.


I suggest a combination of Selleys 420g Liquid Nails Fast Grab Strong Adhesive and Paslode 20 x 1.25mm 100g Bright Bullet Head Nails to hold the moulding in place. The nails will hold the timber mould in position until the adhesive cures.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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