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How to paint gloss with good results?

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How to paint gloss with good results?


I recently painted interior doors high gloss using Dulux Antique White Gloss but they all look smudged, can see paint marks, in the light they look terrible. They were originally gloss and so i sanded them, added an undercoat and then painted gloss using a small roller. I am selling house o need them to look decent. Here is a picture, not sure it shows how bad they look. 
Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve good gloss results?

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Re: How to paint gloss with good results?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @poppy6006. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about applying gloss paints.


The term "smudged" isn't something I've heard often regarding a paint finish. I could only imagine a smudge would be created if the roller was not picked up at the end of the stroke but slid sideways across the wall instead before completing the next stroke. That would create a visual smudge of paint as it will expose the undercoat. What type of paint marks can you see? We often see stroke marks from brushes, but I'm unsure what sort of paint marks you are seeing. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, the image doesn't really convey the issue. The photo appears to be slightly out of focus. Perhaps you could try to capture this issue again in a different light or angle?


Can we please know what type, width and nap roller you were using? Did you give the can a quick shake or stir before starting?


Also, once you had gone over an area, you didn't return there at all, did you? As a general rule, it is fine to lay off in one direction soon after applying the paint. Once the paint begins to dry, you don't want to touch it again or you'll end up with a ghosting effect and tracks through that area. If you take too long to apply the paint and then return to an earlier section, it will probably be too late to lay off the area. Doing the application and laying it off in smaller sections can be a better solution.


Here's the Dulux guide for applying Aquanamel to doors. I'll include a trade application guide below in video form. It goes a little more into detail on roller application. Also, I'd encourage you to use the Dulux Live Chat function on their website. I've found them exceptionally helpful when troubleshooting issues.


I'll be looking forward to solving this issue.




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