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What is this material and how to glue it back?

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What is this material and how to glue it back?



My big mirror fell off the wall (thanks to

my cats) and the corner of the frame has broken off. 
I am wondering what the frame is made out of. Looks like some kind of lightweight foam. And what kind of glue I could use to put it together.  


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: What is this material and how to glue it back?

Hello @Aleks7


I'm sorry to hear your mirror frame got damaged. I agree with your assessment that it is made of lightweight foam. I suggest using Gorilla 59ml Glue Bottle as it is rated to join foam. I recommend using a light paintbrush to remove loose dusty foam residue on the join before applying the glue. Please make sure to find a safe place for the mirror while the glue cures. Our feline friends sometimes have too much energy. I suggest spending some brisk playtime with a laser pointer to taper off all that extra energy. 


Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing your mirror frame fixed.




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