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Creating a stylish and functional home

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

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Bunnings Workshop members Aletheia and Brent have made a splash in the community by sharing their renovation journey of a 1994 home in Melbourne’s outer south-east suburbs.


The couple's projects have generated thousands of views and inspired many members. Examples include their bedroom wainscot feature wall, side yard revamp with artificial grass and spray painted screen door

Known as @homeinmelbourne on Workshop, Aletheia and Brent were so keen on transforming their home that they gutted it down to the concrete slab a day after taking possession. Aletheia and Brent outside their homeAletheia and Brent outside their home

“A significant factor we prioritised was ensuring both form and function,” Aletheia recounts. “Whatever we were planning to do for a particular room needed to look good but also be practical.” 

Adding their own touch

The couple met in 2012 when they were studying in Sydney. They purchased their home in the middle of a 2021 COVID lockdown after moving to Melbourne.

“This home has given us the opportunity to start from scratch and realise different projects we’ve always wanted to try,” Aletheia says. “For example, wainscoting, designing a kitchen and creating different areas in the garden for different purposes. By renovating ourselves, we’ve been able to add our own touch to this house and learned so many new skills along the way.”

A prime example is how the couple transformed their dated, pink bathroom into a modern, luxurious one. Featuring frameless shower screens and stylish tiling, this stunning bathroom makeover has become very popular within the Workshop community. 

“In a bathroom that was limited on space, we tried to maximise its functionality and useability,” Aletheia explains. 


“Our goal was to create a light, bright and neutral bathroom. We tried to keep it very plain and simple when it came to tile choice in the hope that it remains as timeless as possible. We selected large format light grey tiles on the floor and all white tiles on the walls.” 

When asked for their top bathroom renovation tips, the couple emphasise the importance of planning and research. 

“Our advice would be to research and plan as much as possible and understand your strengths and limits,” Aletheia says. “D.I.Y. where you can and employ help where needed, including for plumbing, waterproofing, etc.” The couple's modern, luxurious bathroomThe couple's modern, luxurious bathroom


Thinking creatively


Research and planning played a key role in the success of another popular project: the couple’s European-style laundry.

“In some ways, having this European laundry made us think a little more creatively about storage and reduce the amount of cleaning products we would have otherwise had,” Aletheia explains.


“A top priority for us was having enough storage for smaller appliances in the European laundry, including an ironing board and a vacuum. As such, we made sure to have power installed but concealed inside the cupboards to avoid taking up more room on the benchtop while still having a convenient place to dock and charge these smaller household appliances.”

She adds the laundry has "held up great over time" despite daily use.

A rewarding hobby

Aletheia runs an e-commerce business and Brent works in commercial construction project management. The couple love renovating their house in their spare time, revealing their "healthy obsession" for D.I.Y. started at a young age.

“We have both always had an interest in houses, renovating, building things, fixing things, being thrifty  you name it,” Aletheia says, proudly adding that she and Brent are "avid D.I.Y.ers".


She reveals Brent had particularly been interested in woodworking while growing up and had always taken a hands-on role in his dad’s trade business. His exposure to different tools and materials grew when he worked in Bunnings during his university years. 

“We have always loved to do things ourselves - not only because it is incredibly rewarding to be able to fix something that was once broken but also because you end up learning new skills," Aletheia explains. "Our hobbies and passions are very much the same and you can usually find us working on projects together while our dog Hugo potters around the garden behind us.” The "avid D.I.Y.ers" in their home workshopThe "avid D.I.Y.ers" in their home workshop

The couple have created a workshop in a shed on their backyard to work on their projects.

“We are typically working on something in the shed most weekends,” Aletheia says.

“As a fastidious planner, Brent made a shed floor plan to visualise where everything was to go, thinking about workflow, where to store certain machines and tools for ease of use, access to power, storage space, etc."

Keeping a positive mindset

Whenever they get stuck during a project, the couple explain they take their time to think of a solution.

“We always let it sit and think about it,” Aletheia says. “We try not to rush into finding a solution or ad hoc workarounds because an idea or solution often comes with time and brainstorming."


"It also helps to have a positive mindset. D.I.Y. is what we love to do so we never feel discouraged when issues happen. We understand that hitting a snag every now and again is all part of it.” 

The couple also grow their knowledge and skills by asking questions on the Bunnings Workshop community.


“In addition to all the positive interactions with other Workshop community members, no question or project is left unanswered," Aletheia says. “The Bunnings Workshop team are always ready and quick to provide their wealth of knowledge and advice to everyone.”


When asked about their upcoming projects, Aletheia reveals they are continuing to renovate different parts of their home, including their roof and utility area.


"They say a house is a constant work in progress. After two years here, we are still finding projects to do. Our preferences and design style continues to evolve and the prospect of starting over from scratch excites us."


The couple are enjoying living and creating memories in the house they have turned into a home.


"While we love all the renovation projects that have created this home, 'home' to us also goes beyond the four walls around us," Aletheia explains.


"Home is in the memories we’ve created here, seeing the trees and plants that you planted grow and change through the seasons, recognising the same birds that visit the bird feeder each day and all the little daily occurrences in between."



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