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The stars of the Bunnings Workshop community are our wonderful members and their inspiring projects. We love reading your stories and really appreciate you sharing your projects, experiences and knowledge.


But as we continue to grow the Workshop team, some members have asked if we could tell our own personal stories so everyone could get to know us a little better.


By popular request, here’s the Bunnings Workshop team in alphabetical order…


Eric – Passionate about problem solving


As one of our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts assisting members with their project questions, EricL is a passionate D.I.Y. problem-solver. He loves helping D.I.Y. enthusiasts find solutions to their project challenges.


Eric9.pngEric particularly loves creating 3D diagrams for members, from complex kitchen layouts to simple cabinet drawings. “I love drawing diagrams because it takes you one step closer to your dream becoming reality,” he says.


Eric lives with his with his wife and three children in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs. He loves spending time with his family and dragging them to the beach for a day of relaxation.


He often writes D.I.Y. ideas in a notebook and takes votes from his family to see which one he should work on next. “Our family has recently worn out the finish on our dining table. We've decided that we're going to sand our table back to wood and give it a new coat of varnish.”


On the weekend, Eric enjoys shopping with his wife before tinkering around in the garage to see what he can build next. He’s also currently teaching his two eldest sons how to drive. “You feel like that they should know how to drive already because they play so many video games!”


Whenever he has time for himself, Eric loves watching classic science fiction movies. “The one that stands out is the The Thing by John Carpenter. Because the alien mimics us so well, we never really know which one of is the alien…”


Jacob – Passing knowledge onto others


Jacob.jpgBunnings team member JacobZ has worked in many different areas of the store and has a background in construction. “I worked on a variety of projects over the years and with some incredibly versatile tradesman,” Jacob says. “From stud wall construction to tiling, I was lucky to be exposed to a wide variety of construction tasks and knowledgeable people which I have been able to learn a great deal from.


“I love being able to pass knowledge onto others who are beginning on their own D.I.Y. journeys.”


Jacob found particular satisfaction helping to rebuild the Northern Rivers region of NSW following the devastating floods of 2022. “I take great pride in knowing that I could play some small part in helping this region to return to what it once was.”


An accomplished soccer player, Jacob recently hung up the boots but hopes to take up coaching. He is also looking forward to starting a family soon with his partner of 10 years.


Jason – Helping bring people together


Jason9.pngJason is a former newspaper, magazine and online journalist who now specialises in managing online communities. He never ceases to be impressed at how generous community members are in sharing their time, knowledge and experience to help and inspire other people.


“It’s a real privilege to be part of such a friendly community in which everyone is welcome. This is a place where your skill or experience doesn’t matter – everyone has to start from somewhere and is encouraged to have a go.”


Jason describes his own D.I.Y. skills as “basic” and “in need of further development”. But with expert help and more than a little direction from the Bunnings team and his creative wife, Jason has tackled two major renovation and building projects at his 50s-era Melbourne home.     


“We loved the house as soon as we walked through the door, even though it needed some work. Since then, we’ve managed to make a real home.”


Mitchell – Making home improvement accessible


Bunnings team member MitchellMc has been helping make home improvement accessible for the past two decades. Discovering his passion for all things D.I.Y. at a young age, there’s nothing that excites Mitch more than seeing someone’s project come to fruition, especially if his assistance has been a catalyst to its completion.


Mitch9.png“I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than being part of someone else’s D.I.Y. journey,” Mitch says. “There’s something really special about helping grow a person’s confidence and encouraging them to attempt projects outside their comfort zone.  Watching them relish in the fact that they can now improve their home without having to employ others to do it for them is exceptionally fulfilling.”


Early in his career, Mitch realised that the very customers he was serving had a wealth of knowledge to share. Any time a tradesperson had time to teach him a thing or two, he’d pay great attention, and what he’s learned over the years has been invaluable in helping others.


“I’m exceptionally grateful for the broad range of knowledge that has been passed on to me over the years. I can’t imagine being able to acquire it any other way. When you come across someone that really knows what they’re talking about, sometimes, you just need to stop and listen.”


When at his Sydney home, Mitch likes nothing more than to spend as much time with his young family as possible. In his free time, he works on a whole range of D.I.Y. projects and put’s his expertise to the test at any chance he can get. His wife Sarah always knows who to call when there’s something that desperately needs fixing. “Mitch is a bit like a roll of duct tape; he can pretty much fix anything,” says Sarah.


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