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Thanks for five wonderful years

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Community Manager


Happy anniversary everyone!


Five years ago today we invited a small number of wonderful people to join discussion about D.I.Y. and gardening at a new site.


The original Workshop site designThe original Workshop site designOur hand-picked community founders began eagerly sharing their projects, experiences and advice with each other, and it was clear that we had something special. By the following September, we removed the curtain surrounding the site and invited everyone to join the fun.


In the past five years, members have shared thousands of inspiring projects with the Workshop community and provided invaluable advice to people needing a helping hand.


We're really proud that this is a friendly and encouraging place where everyone is welcome to participate. It doesn't matter what your background is, or whether you have little or no experience on the tools. Everyone is encouraged to have a go and see what they can achieve in their home and garden. This is a place of respect and belonging. 


What members say when they are recommending WorkshopWhat members say when they are recommending WorkshopJudging by the wonderful feedback from so many of you who kindly completed our recent member survey, you agree this is a special place. We're so pleased that many of you have been telling your friends and family about the benefits of joining the community, describing it in glowing terms such as "helpful", "friendly" and "inspiring". 


The exciting part is that we have only just begun. We have bold plans for making the site easier to use and navigate, and for significantly growing the community so that many more people can join in the discussions and share their projects.   


We're really excited about the future of the Bunnings Workshop community and thank you so much for your contribution to making this a special place for all. Please reach out if you ever need a hand. 


Thanks again,


Jason and all the Bunnings Workshop team


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All I can say is...You guys and this forum ROCKS !!!


Actually I should say more...

I have been a member and or a Moderator of numerous forums over many decades..and this forum stands out above

all others for friendly helpful advice, but also with a forum operator who constantly participates in every aspect of the forums operations..unlike other forums where you rarely hear from the forum operator.. and he also keeps the interest flowing with his own ideas of projects..

Well done Jason and congratulations on 5 years of service..

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Congrats on the milestone!
I get plenty of inspiration here (and it also saves me from making mistakes trying things Ive never done before - by checking in here first hahhaha, usually somebody has already done it :smile: )
Oh yeah and thanks for the gift for contributing to this community!  Im thinking I can build it and put it next to my mancave BBQ, that way I can have Bunnings snags whenever I want hahhahahha!

Best regards and congrats to the whole team, and thanks for all the advice!

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Thanks heaps Jason, Mitch and everyone for sharing !!!!!! Absolutely love the Workshop Community 😊😊

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Congrats on 5 years! Defiantly a great community, actually the best 👌🏻

Community Manager
Community Manager

Many thanks for your lovely comments @Prof, @Prawns, @mich1972 and @prettyliving. You are a big part of what makes this community special. Thanks again for your contribution.




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