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An easier way to regrout your tiles

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An easier way to regrout your tiles

So my sister turns up, out of the blue, for a cuppa. Just in the neighbourhood, saw the light on; that kind of thing.

Her, professional painter, boyfriend is admiring my handy work at repainting the kitchen cupboards and is generous in his praise for my efforts.

The conversation meandered around to Tiles. I had told them of a customer that had been advised by their tiler that, if using 300x300 tiles they would need 12m2, so how much would she need of the tiles were 300x400 instead?

Robyn, my sister, had, what she thought, ugly concrete grout in the bathroom which had been down for more than 20years; and the conversation quickly turned to how would they be able to remove the old stuff and redo the grouting.

They knew about the grout removing tools and i managed to enter the conversation at this point, telling them that they needed at 3mm of depth otherwise the new grout would just fall out, unless.....

i like a good 'unless' after all it is why we seek advice from Bunnings experts is for a good 'unless'.

Davco has a product, which we sell called Rejuvenation Grout; comes in about 4 colours. Rejuvenation grout only requires 1mm depth to properly adhere to existing grout or surface.

As easy as it seems, simply grout over the existing grout. Rejuvenation grout will fill any holes or gaps in the existing grout as well as cover the existing grout. You can even use it to change your grout colour.

Naturally, before you use the product you will use best endeavours to clean any loose detritus from the area to be grouted and make sure it is completely dry. Leave for about 24 hours before having your next shower.


Rejuvenation grout is for smooth surfaced tiles only. Indoor / outdoor, floor or wall.


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Re: an easier way to regrout your tiles.

Thanks for sharing @PJA. Perhaps you could share some before and after pictures of your sister's project?



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