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Anyway to add a benchtop to this laundry?

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Anyway to add a benchtop to this laundry?



Wondering if there is a way to put a bench top over my washing machine without having to move the power point and washing machine taps?

Would you just use long brackets to support a small benchtop? Or any suggestions for this space?


Please excuse mess!







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Re: Anyway to add a benchtop to this laundry?

Hi @daniellemb1993,


You could certainly use some long brackets to fix a small portion of bench above the washing machine there. It would be worth considering what the laundry could look like if you were to do a mini makeover. @Gillgirl recently posted their Laundry makeover first time reno and I think you could take some elements from their project to apply them here. Your cabinetry looks great already and if you were to replace the washing tub with a Euro design sink in a cabinet and add some additional storage the space would look amazing.


I've included a rendering of what I could envisage it looking like.


@redracer01 might like to add his input also about what could be achieved.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions.




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Re: Anyway to add a benchtop to this laundry?

Hello @daniellemb1993 


Based on @MitchellMc's drawing if you do not wish to move the plumbing you will have to cut the bench top at the back to allow the hoses to pass through the bench top. Just a small cut out not a gig one. I would also like to find out if you wanted just a top for the washing machine or are we also changing the laundry tub for a slight make over. Either way Mitchell's drawing is spot on for the make over. Good luck and stay safe. Any questions or suggestions please drop us a line here on workshop.






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