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Bathroom makeover

Making a Splash

Bathroom makeover








Very pleased & proud of how this room turned out. 


Took a couple of weeks to complete, lots of evenings & weekend. 
was on a strict budget and wanted to get the look for less 
Bought everything from Bunnings (of course) & made smart choices with materials and products. 
Too save money and to reuse/recycle, we kept the shower base & screen

Shopping List

Classic white 300x600 ceramic tile

Textured white 300x600 ceramic tiles

Crema 600x600 floor tile

Estilo Toilet

Estilo shower head & taps

Acacia Project Panel used for benchtop 

Mondella Marble sink (on clearance)

Olivieri tap (also on clearance)

Pine VJ panelling 

Porters Paint - Yacht Race



Making a Splash

Re: Bathroom Makeover

This looks amazing. Good job!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Bathroom Makeover

Absolutely incredible transformation @craftyhopper. Well done. 


If you feel comfortable, could you share your budget for this project so that members can see what is achievable on a restricted budget?


You should be so proud of yourself. This is an outstanding makeover.




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Re: Bathroom Makeover


With such a small budget I calculated every single thing we needed, even down to the tile spacers and if we had to buy a tool or a drill bit that we didn’t have. 
I achieved all this for just under $2,000!

Mind you, I did get an absolute bargain clearance price on the sink and tap. But without the clearance price I’d have still been under $2,500!


My trick to get the look for less was to use the basic white tile to keep thing fresh and to use other materials that are cheaper, but give a great result ☺️

Re: Bathroom Makeover

Thanks @stelz 

Very happy with how it turned out. Lots of Pinterest shopping for this one ☺️

Having an Impact

Re: Bathroom makeover

Exactly what I was thinking of doing. Can I ask how much gap you allowed between the panelling and the tiles and the panelling and the ceiling cornice?  Also did you attach directly to the existing walls and how did you cover any gaps?  

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Bathroom makeover

Hello @Jesse1


Thank you for joining the discussion. Let me tag @craftyhopper so that they are made aware of your question. It's great to know that you've decided to do your own bathroom makeover. I'm sure our members would love to see any updates you can provide once you start your project. If you have any questions about your project we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask.


We look forward to seeing the start of your project.




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Finding My Feet

Re: Bathroom makeover

This is such an incredible transformation and I can’t believe you the budget that you were able to do it on! It’s just unreal!


Could I ask; your mirror…(I absolutely love it!)…how did you make it? Would love to do something like it.

Re: Bathroom makeover

Hi @Jesse1 

Thanks for the question. 
The panel was cut to fit as close as possible to the tile and cornice. 
I actually painted it before it went up. That way I could get the edges perfect. 
As it fitted the space there were no gaps to fill, except the pin holes from the fixing gun & I just used an interior filler. 

Re: Bathroom makeover

Hi @Eight 


@Thank you for the kind words. I really do love this bathroom! 
The mirror is actually from Bunnings. It’s 70cm and I think it was about $75. 

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