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How to properly remove tiles?

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How to properly remove tiles?

Hey All.


I am having a minor melt down here! 


I started the process of the bathroom reno by removing wall tiles and have already hit a bit of a hurdle. 


This is a 1970's bathroom and it looks like the tiles have been here since then! I've started removing them and half the wall is coming down with them, and the ones above the bath look like they were set into the wall!


Should I keep going of back off now and get a professional in to finish this job off? I want to keep going but I'm not sure if I'm going to do some serious damage to the wall or end up blowing out the cost. Image.jpegImage 2.jpegImage 3.jpeg

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Re: How to properly remove tiles?

Hello @osakaseafood


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about how to properly remove tiles.


Looking at the photos you posted, it seems that you are doing ok. There is no need to panic, D.I.Y. is about discovery and learning. So far you've managed to remove the tiles and keep the gib wall attached to the stud. The other tiles look like they are attached to Besser blocks. Those may be harder to remove, you are still doing very well. Would it be possible for you to provide a photo of the entire bathroom section by section? This will allow us to give you a more comprehensive recommendation. It looks like an exciting project! Please keep us updated.


Let me tag our experienced members @TedBear and @tom_builds for their recommendations.    


We look forward to seeing the photos.




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Re: How to properly remove tiles?

Hi @osakaseafood , I agree with @EricL  that it looks ok so far...

a typical reno job, it's always a fear-filled, "why did I ever start this?", disaster area, until it's finished.

The only recommendation I would make at this point is that you might hurry things (ie the destruction process) along if you use a Bolster instead of the chisel .... actually, as well as the chisel. Both will come in handy at some points.

An example

Are you putting new tiles back on?

Likewise, I look forward to seeing the photos.


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Re: How to properly remove tiles?

Hi @osakaseafood,


As @EricL and @TedBear have said you are doing fine, I recently had to remove tiles from an old bathroom and kitchen and the tiles were set in a thick mortar like yours seem to be. It's a horrible, labour-filled job, but worth it to refresh the look of your rooms. I used a hammer-chisel to speed the process along but a bolster and chisel will probably give you a neater result.

If you find that your walls are still a bit crater filled when you finish you may need to apply a sand-cement render to patch it and level it before installing new tiles.


Best of luck with your bathroom renos!


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