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Re grout dodgy tiles

Just Starting Out

Re grout dodgy tiles

Hello all,


Today we got into our new house and when i had a closer look and scraped back some of the grout around the drain in the shower two of the tiles popped out, taking them out and seeing what was under them i knew it wasnt going to be just a simple re grout.  What ever it is under the tile it was sandy and loose, easy to scrape it loose.


My question is does anyone know what this would be? i suspect it's the tile adhesive that has been damp for too long and become cumbly. I would appreciate any advice on how i should repair this? should i scrape it back more and refill with tile adhesive then put the two tiles back and re grout/silicone once dried or should i use some other method that im unaware of?


I have attached a couple of pics of how it currently looks.


We are just after a quick fix until we do a full renovation of the bathroom.  Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.IMG_20181221_083823 (1).jpgIMG_20181221_083837.jpg

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Re grout dodgy tiles

I would scrape out till I hit solid and use adhesive then grout.
Two tiles on the top pic right hand side look to be on shaky ground too.
Be gentle putting them back in so they don't crack.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Re grout dodgy tiles

Hey @WreckitRalph,


Just thought I'd check in and see how you were going with this repair job. Great to see @Brad provide such helpful advice as always. Please let us know if you require any further assistance, I'd be happy to ask others if they could lend a hand. 


Let me also extend an overdue welcome to the community. We're really pleased you could join us and look forward to reading more about your projects and plans.




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