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TV for my bathroom

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TV for my bathroom

I just received my OCEA Bathroom TV however im still confused how will i install it. I want it near my bathtub however, eventhough they claim that it's safe to install near a tub, im still scared to put it there. Any suggestions?

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Re: TV for my bathroom

Welcome to Workshop @biancario00. We're pleased you could join us and look forward to reading all about your projects and plans. Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share. We have loads of community members sharing inspiring projects, information and advice. 


When you say you are scared, can you please elaborate on what you are scared about? Are you worried that the television might fall off the wall? 


It might also be helpful for community members if you could share a photo of your bathroom and where you plan to install the television. And it would also be good to know how you plan on installing it. Did it come with a mounting system or do you need to purchase a mount?


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Re: TV for my bathroom



There's installation instructions here -


It looks pretty straightforward, with a few different options. I reckon recessed would look amazing, but would require the most work.


I would assume you would need an electrician regardless of which way you go as you're unlikely to have a powerpoint where you want it mounted, and certainly not an aerial connection!   

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