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Can you block the air vents in an old brick house?

Vewnts.jpegI would recommend against blocking up those vents as it will lead to a build-up of moisture which then leads to mould. A property my friend rents has those types of vents painted over and sealed and she is constantly dealing with moisture and mould, it’s not pretty. An alternative solution is to maybe get something that can go over those vents that can still allow for ventilation but keep out dust and other particles. - Dan


Safer option might be to use these as they are removable if you have any dramas down the track. - aussiblue


I would be guessing that you have limestone footings which act as wicks drawing water up (especially if you are close to the water table). These vents are extremely important to allow the moisture to vent out of the cavities of your home preventing water damage and more importantly, mould. This is currently a major problem with a heritage building in Fremantle we are currently working on. - darylhewston

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