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Can you use exterior paint on indoor furniture?

PaintingFurniture.jpegThere isn't anything inherently wrong with using exterior paint inside your house. However, since it is a paint designed for exterior use, some better alternatives are likely available. I've spoken to Cabot's technical advice team, and they are not concerned with the paint releasing any harmful chemicals. The caveat to this is that you wouldn't want to use it on any surfaces where food is being prepared. - MitchellMc


It's perfectly fine, I think. If anything it'd probably have a longer lifespan than interior paint due to its hardiness. The key difference is in the drying process. The exterior paint will indeed off-gas more during drying, so I'd paint it outside and let it cure under the shade to give it time for those VOCs to bleed off. Usually exterior paint is designed to dry in the sun or in open air so it's best to reflect those conditions. It's best to paint in a well ventilated area regardless, or to wear a P2 respirator to protect your lungs from those harmful VOCs, especially if you're like me and spray paint Is your preferred application method. - oheyitsbeano


I have used deck paint and I really like it. Dries awesome, sits awesome, leaves an awesome smooth finish, cleans awesome and doesn't need 183,662 coats like the enamel one. I'm just waxing at the moment, but I’ve been thinking of trying something different. - nerea


I have used outdoor stain on my indoor furniture and it’s been fine. I just left it the sun for a few days to air it out. - desmo


Be aware that outdoor paint often goes on thicker than indoor paints, so we need to take a bit more care to ensure that we don't leave deep brush marks. They don't show up so much when the paint is used in harsher light in the outdoors, and we don't tend to scrutinise the surfaces so closely outside as we do with furniture. - TedBear

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