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Do you prefer a freestanding bath or built-in?

Bathtub.jpgFreestanding bathtubs can look spectacular. But you obviously need a lot of space. And they can be difficult to clean behind them if you put them up against a wall.


I also think there's another big consideration in terms of practicality. For kids, people with a disability, or anyone else with mobility issues, it can be difficult to get in and out of a freestanding bath safely. - Isobel


The initial euphoria of a freestanding bath would sooner or later be a mega pain on so many levels. I look at some of the dream bathrooms and think “I hope you remember to grab the luffa, some facial pampering products, and where are you going to put them so that they'll be in reach?” On the other hand, if someone's doing a faithful restoration from another era then free standing's the only way to go. - Andy_Mann


I'd rather use the space to have a lux shower. I had thought the trend for big spa baths was over, particularly in this more water conscious era. - MartyH


Love freestanding baths - they can look amazing. Here's a dramatic example in a bedroom. - RenoQueen


Saw a freestanding bath recently in a display home, my first comment was how do you get around it to clean, not for us oldies anyway! Also no good for a blind person! Look nice though but not practical in my book!!! - Helen


Workshop members are split, with equal numbers preferring freestanding bathtubs to built-in models according to our poll. Feel free to continue the discussion by replying below. - Jason


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