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Does a house need a separate laundry?

HiddenLaundry.jpegWhen we renovated our 1950s house, we removed the laundry to give us a large open plan family room and added a European-style laundry inside some cupboards next to the kitchen.


A decade later we are more than happy with our decision, although we do sometimes wish our washing machine was quieter, and that we didn't have to fill the study with clothes horses in winter. - Jason


As a couple without kids we dont need a dedicated laundry but my sister with two small toddlers definitely does as washing is a daily task. - BremerBabe


We have two children under four and washing is a daily event in our house. Despite having a dryer and a clothesline outside, we still seem to have clothes horses everywhere, particularly in winter. Needless to say we're currently planning a dedicated laundry room! - DarrenS


I don't think they are necessary. I would much rather have more living room or a second bathroom than a room I am never going to spend time in. I would much rather have something compact and stylish.- Alicia



We personally prefer to have a dedicated laundry room. It’s not a large room by any means, and only holds a laundry sink, washing machine and full length cupboard. But it at least offers an area to have clothes soaking and a sink to clean the grubby things.


When we were looking at houses there was a place we really liked but the deal breaker for us was the laundry was a cupboard with no sink. I guess it really comes down with what your preference and needs are. - Andadams


I would LOVE a laundry room, but space is an issue in my narrow Victorian home.


Laundries need to be a minimum of around 1.6m wide and 3m long. Washing machines are 600mm - 700mm deep + you need walking space and room to open cupboard doors. - KingStreetReno


A laundry room is a must. Somewhere to sort and spray washing (stains). A place to fold washing, do the ironing and put the clothes horse/airer up. I have a dryer but I cannot remember the last time I used it. - Fran


A whopping 86 percent of Workshop members could live without a dedicated laundry room in their house according to our recent survey. - Jason


One of the best laundries I ever saw was north facing with a wall of glass and a toughened glass ceiling so that the end of the room was able to be a drying area in inclement weather.


Rather than get rid of the laundry I'd advocate for a more multi-function place where the area would be a real utility/laundry/hobby room and storage for vases and  maybe an area for messy garden boots and space for messy hobbies. But always with a long bench for folding and sorting items washed and dried earlier in the day.

A decent  sized  laundry  helps to  keep  the rest of the house tidier. No laundry  baskets in the living room. No need to have clothes airing near the living area.


Friends with two beloved dogs went for a bigger laundry too… They have an exceptionally large sink where they wash the dogs and carpet covered central bench  in the middle of the room where they groom the dogs. Laundries are great! - SuzieA

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