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How do you add value to a house?

Painting (1).jpgPainting in neutral colours can be an easy way to add value. Can present more of a blank canvas and freshen up something that is looking tired or dated. - Isobel


Updating walls and flooring can make a huge difference to the appearance of a house alone so I'd start there. Even if it's just a fresh coat of paint or finding nice pieces of art to add character to the room. The kitchen and bathroom are also heavily used areas so any way you can spruce up these areas whilst keeping within your budget would be ideal. - aly


Not always cheap obviously, but if you can find a way to open up the living areas then it can make a huge difference. For example, get rid of a wall between dining and living rooms, or kitchen and living rooms so it’s all one open space. Nothing worse than a house that feels all pokey with a series of separate rooms that don't flow. - Joker


If this is all about selling, then remember that first impressions are really important. So make sure the house has street appeal. A tidy front garden and a reasonably modern exterior. If it’s red or brown brick, consider painting or rendering. A small investment can make a big difference. - Kermit


Lighting can make a big difference. A dark room can feel really gloomy and uninviting. Adding a bigger window, a skylight or some dramatic lighting can make a huge impact and give the illusion of space. Even just better window treatments can add great value. - Kellie


I have replaced some solid internal doors with glass doors. It's amazing the difference it makes. It opens adjoining rooms up and adds more light. - Widget


I would concentrate on cheap and easy ways to update the kitchen and maybe also the bathroom. Kitchens tend to be where most people spend a lot of time socialising and cooking so if you can find ways of making them fresh, light and appealing that should add a lot of value. - Alicia


First impressions matter, and most time is spent in the kitchen and living spaces so they are what people care about most. - RenoQueen


Clean up your neighbours yard. Feng Shui your home. - Brad


The standout of course is adding another room. This can add $150K+ to the resale value of the house. If you are over the site coverage an attic or loft is of equal value. When correctly planned, engineered and built, attics or lofts are useful low cost, flexible spaces and add the best bang for your buck. - BIM_Engineer


A pool is a major investment and it should only be undertaken if it's tailored to the current homeowner's budget, taste and long term requirements. If not done properly, a pool can be a total turn-off, they're expensive and time consuming to maintain, and not everyone wants a pool.


The number one priority is the exterior front, or curb appeal. If it looks unappealing from the street, potential buyers are likely to hit the throttle and won't give it a look (unless they're fixer uppers). - Andy_Mann

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