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How do you clean bathroom tiles?

Tiled shower floor.jpgI suggest using Selleys 750ml Rapid Mould Killer Remover with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. I recommend using Mr Clean Handheld Iron Scrub Brush over the affected area and see if the blemish will wash away.


Continue brushing until the tile is clean and all the dirt has disappeared.


If spilled paint has dried on the tiles, I suggest using a Trojan Safety Scraper With 5 Blades. Carefully scrape the paint off the tile while being careful not to damage the surface of the tile. Your goal is to remove the paint to reveal the face of the tile. - EricL


I've recently started using 30 Seconds 1L Shower Cleaner and have found it really great. You don't need to scrub. Spray it on and leave it to do its work. You can then rinse it off later. - MitchellMc


We still swear by CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner. It sure does stink, but gee whiz, it cleans bright and shiny. We only have to do ours once a month. Tip: once finished in the shower, quickly rinse soapy residue off the glass. Cuts down cleaning time. - darylhewston


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Hi @EricL 

I am not knock other solutions but adding my solution to the mix.

A good  quality house hold steam  cleaner with plenty of steam  is a  great boon to a household to clean  floors and it is especially good at cleaning bathroom tiles as not only does it phyically  clean the soap and mould tiles the heat is enough to  help kill the mould spores that enter the grout cracks etc as a  guide we only have to stean clean every 2 month and no chemicals used. It also works well in tight spaces like around taps (with smaller nozzle).  Steam  cleaning will definatly get those grout lines  clean with a little gentle  scrubing with brush on nozzle will bring old tile ares to life.


It is a  little fiddly to use so once it is out whole house  gets a  once over.

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Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Jewelleryrescue


Thanks for adding your knowledge to our best advice on how to clean bathroom tiles. I'm sure our members will find the extra information useful. 




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