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How do you deter spiders from your home?

Huntsman.jpegTry using some barrier spray around all of your doors leading outside and windows. These come in an easy to use trigger pack and can last for almost a year. As the weather is cooling down and getting a lot wetter, now would be a perfect time to use this as more spiders will try and seek shelter. Here is what we use: Defender 3L Home Defense Barrier Spray. - 2Belindas


I've heard that cats are a great way to keep spiders under control. They will actively hunt and kill spiders. - Jackson


I don't like using too many chemicals in the house so I'd try filling a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil and spraying that around the house. Apparently spiders don't like the smell. - Alicia


We had the same problem with a number of white tail and huntsman spiders turning up in and around our house. We set off a few insect bombs and after eight weeks we haven't seen so much as an ant inside since. They weren't overly expensive and we certainly think they did the job. - Gwandalan_Tales

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