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How do you dispose of old paint?

OldPaint.jpegContact your council. They should have a paint disposal service at the waste management facility. At my council it's free disposal for residents for up to 100 litres. They partner with Paintback, which collects and treats waste paint to divert architectural and decorative waste paint from landfill. The Paintback website also has links to places you can drop off paint. - MartyH


If you have a Paintback or council site near you then I'd personally go for that, just from a sustainability perspective. The packaging will be recycled and they'll also reclaim water from the paint, separate liquid/solid waste, etc. Pretty neat process all up. Planet Ark has by far the most comprehensive directory for recycling – pop in your location and what you've got to get rid of and it'll give you a list, tell you what's free/what's not, etc. - Emily


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