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How do you drill straight holes?

RyobiDrill.pngDrilling straight holes is a fundamental skill in D.I.Y. and crucial for creating precise and professional-looking woodworking and construction projects.


To drill straight holes effectively, start by securing your workpiece firmly, ensuring it's flush and square before drilling. As you drill, focus on maintaining a steady and even pressure and keep a close eye on the drill's perpendicularity to the workpiece's surface.


If you notice any deviations, make minor corrections to keep the hole on a straight path. To achieve perfectly centred holes, drilling from both sides of the work piece and meeting in the centre can be an option.


If you need more precision or have specific project requirements, consider building a custom jig. Take a scrap piece of timber and drill a hole through it. Clamp this timber to your work surface and drill through it into your project. The added thickness will help you keep the drill bit on course. - MitchellMc

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