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How do you fix a door that jams?

DoorJam.jpegHere's a simple tip for a front door that jams just enough to be a nuisance, and stops the door from closing smoothly.


No need to take the door off of its hinges, which is particularly difficult if it's a heavy front door.


Step 1: Get a large, coarse piece of sandpaper and sit it over the kickplate.


Step 2: Slowly swing the door over the sandpaper, pushing forward until it jams atop the sandpaper.


Step 3: Move the door in small movements back and forward, so it continues to rub against the sandpaper.  Gradually move the sandpaper across so that the entire length of the door is sanded.


Stop and test for improvement often - it typically doesn't take much to get your door swinging freely again. - Kim

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