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How do you improve clay soil?

ClaySoil.jpegStart by mixing in some Richgro 15kg Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker or applying Multicrop 2.8L Groundbreaker Hose-On Soil Treatment And Clay Breaker. You can reduce the soil's current PH to around 6 - 6.5 with Manutec 1.5kg Sulphur Fine Granules. Compost will also assist in improving the soil.


If the soil is really rubbish or there is a solid clay layer, you might look to replace it. For getting one tree started, I'd recommend concentrating on a 60 x 60cm section and working more on the depth. If you can dig out to around 60cm deep, that would give the plant plenty of room to establish roots. Scotts Osmocote 25L Garden Soil Premium Planting Mix would be a good replacement mix, but I'd still encourage you to mix in some compost. - MitchellMc


I came across this the other day. it may help a bit. Also try



You will want to buy bags of gypsum to help break down your clay soil. There is also a product that you can spray on but the powder is more effective. - greygardener


This looks like another good Gardening Australia fact sheet on improving your soil -


In addition to gypsum, it mentions mushroom compost, blood and bone, complete fertiliser, chicken and sheep manure and dolomite to build up layers and improve the soil. - Isobel


As a self-employed gardener I recommend: Richgro All Purpose Garden Soil Mix. It contains soil wetter & gypsum which will aid with breaking up the clay etc. - dj0003


I'm thinking of using compost, seasol with conditioners & water savers. - jeanette01


I lived in SE Qld for many years and had this garden problem. The answer is gypsum, good compost, and elbow grease. And plenty of all three! - Trying


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