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How do you level a lawn?

LawnRepair.pngFirst assess whether your ground is compacted, which is a common reason why a lawn can start dying off or become patchy. I would recommend a lawn aerator. The process of lawn aeration allows water, oxygen and fertiliser to get where it's needed and helps promote root growth.


Next, you should add a 15mm layer of topsoil over the lawn and spread it with a rake to level the surface.


Once you've prepared the area, a lawn should slowly infill any bare spots. To accelerate this process, you can use seed repair mixes. However, please be aware that these seed mixes are typically thinner-bladed grasses and could look different to your current lawn. Another option is to use rolls of instant turf.


For a more uniform end result, you might like to kill all the current lawn and start again. If you follow this approach, first kill any grass present with a product like RoundUp. After a week, you can rake out the dead grass and prepare the lawn as above for your new turf. Please remember your PPE when using RoundUp, including safety glasses, gloves, a vapour-rated face mask, a long-sleeved shirt and pants and enclosed footwear.


These helpful articles have further lawn care advice: How to repair a lawn and How to detect lawn problems. - MitchellMc

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