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How do you match timber benchtops to timber floors?

Floor.jpegDesign rules and colour coordination practices are meant to be broken in favour of personal preference. I always emphasise that personal preference wins over any fixed rule. I can make recommendations and suggestions, but in the end, it's the colours and finishes that you like that must go into your kitchen. Otherwise what happens is that you are building this kitchen for someone else and not yourself.


Going with a trend is often a minefield of "what if". Let's say for example that Palomino Oak was your first choice. It gave you a feeling of warmth because you knew that if this was the first thing you saw in the morning it would make you happy. Although the benchtop is a bit darker, it still goes well with the flooring and again gives you a feeling of satisfaction.    


Waking up every morning with "I should have gone with my first choice" is not something you want to experience. Second guessing yourself is normal and is part of the renovation game. To settle your mind, I suggest getting  samples of timber you like. Buy the packet if you have to. Then lay out the samples in your house and look at them for a day or two. Once you've decided which one to go with, just return the flooring packet that you don't want. - EricL


Mixing timbers is a challenge for many people and it isn't straight forward.  Not everything has to be matchy matchy, just not jarring.


Firstly I would say that your flooring is the biggest and most important decision to get right first.  It will often continue to other parts of the house and is a higher price commitment.  There is also less choice than benchtops in most cases.


So this is what I would recommend:


1.  Choose your floor based on a tone that you love, that suits your lifestyle, and works well with other important existing items (like dear old Grannie's massive dining table that you will never throw out, for example).


2.  Thinking of the style or theme that you have in mind for your kitchen, the next biggest decision is the cabinetry. I presume you have already selected that but didn't tell us what it is.


3.  Once your cabinetry and flooring is chosen, look at those samples together and against a shortlist of benchtop options.  Usually the most clashing will jump out at you and you can discard them quickly. Keep your overall style in mind and just choose what you love! - redbournereno


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