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How do you paint skirting boards?

Painting_tools.pngPainting skirting boards is a relatively simple D.I.Y. project. As well as your paint, paintbrush, sandpaper, masking tape and drop sheet, I would also recommend adding the following items:



The rags and methylated spirits are great for paint errors and accidental spills. The respirator is to protect you from dust and fumes while sanding and painting. The paint stirrer is handy to mix the paint if left standing too long and the sanding block is to give you a uniform flat finish when you sand your skirting.


I suggest using Safety Glasses to protect your eyes from paint splatter. Please remember to keep your area well-ventilated while painting and to give the first coat of paint enough time to cure to avoid streaks and peeling. 


Here is a link to one of our popular How-to Workshop topics: How to paint like a professional by Peggers.


You can also watch this handy step-by-step guide: How to paint trims. - EricL



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