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How do you remove old masking tape?

MakingTapeRemoval.jpegI suggest trying De-Solv-it 125ml Sticky Spot and Stain Remover. It is a citrus-based cleaner and should do any harm.


I recommend starting with a small area making sure to spray on the top and inside the sides of the tape. Your objective is to soften the old adhesive first. I then recommend using Pro Renovator 38mm Plastic Scraper to prevent damaging the finish.


If it does not work, I propose using WD-40 325g Multi-Use Classic Spray. Again, try to get the spray into the top and sides of the tape.


If it still proves to be tough, my only other suggestion is to use Diggers 125ml Isopropyl Cleaning Alcohol. Spray it in the same pattern and wait for it to take effect before scraping it.


Keep in mind that it might take several applications to get the surface clean.


Please make sure to wear personal protection such as gloves, goggles and a facemask when using the products. - EricL

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