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How do you repair a dent in the wall?

WallDent.jpegSkim coat the area with Gyprock CSR 2kg Rapid Patch Filler. It would be best to do so gradually with several coats instead of one thick application.


Another option is to cut out the affected section and replace it with a new board. If the damage is not too deep, try the filler. If it doesn't work out, you can always replace the piece with a plaster repair panel.


You should also find this step-by-step guide useful: How to fix a hole in a plaster wall.


Depending on how deep the dent/bend is I would be tempted to advise cutting the whole section out and installing a plaster repair panel. I feel this would be an easier repair option and would require less filler added to the surface of the wall. If you don't replace the bent area with a new plaster sheet you will need to apply filler to the entire area to try and return the wall to a flush surface. Even after doing so, you have only filled over the top of a damaged section of wall and there is a reasonable chance that the filler will crack as the sheeting is not sound.


It really comes down to how solid the dented section is. If it doesn't flex when pushed on you might like to just skim coat it all until flush with Gyprock CSR 2kg Rapid Patch Filler. - MitchellMc


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