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How do you replace a plasterboard wall?

GyprockSheets.jpgWorth having a good read of this Bunnings resource - How to plasterboard a stud wall.


And here’s a further video. - Jason



The tools and materials you'll need for the job are Craftright Retractable Knife With 3 Blades, Paslode 40 x 2.5mm 500g Gold Annular Plasterboard Nails 215 Pack, Uni-Pro 50mm Real Good Paint Scraper and Gyprock CSR 5.5kg Acrylic Stud Adhesive. For walls, 10mm is the correct size plasterboard to be using.


First, you'll need to take the measurements of the wall and transfer those onto the new sheet of plasterboard. Cut out the correct size piece to suit. After you have prepared the plasterboard, apply the Gyprock CSR 5.5kg Acrylic Stud Adhesive to the areas on the studs which I have marked in the image below. Once you have applied the stud adhesive place the plasterboard against the wall and use the Paslode 40 x 2.5mm 500g Gold Annular Plasterboard Nails 215 Pack to fasten it around the perimeter.


If you’re wanting to also update insulation, a great product to use in this situation would be Bradford Gold High-Performance Wall Batts which can be cut to size and inserted between the timber studs.


Here's a helpful step-by-step D.I.Y. video on How to install wall batts.



To cut these boards to size, the tool to use is a score and snap knife. Once you have marked the lines you want to be cut you will then place a straight piece of material along the line as a guide. You need to run the knife across the board and along the guide several times to make a groove. You can then snap the board along that line.


You also don't want water getting in under the edges. You can either use a Brutus 4.5mm x 2.4m Building Moulding Division to join the sheets together or seal the gap with Sikaflex 11fc. If you use strip joiners they will stick up proud of the surface and there will be a visible join on the wall. If you are going to paint the wall then it might be worth going with the Sikaflex product and skimming it flat so it is flush with the board’s surface. This will give you a cleaner result. - MitchellMc

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