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How do you spray paint a fence?

Spray painting a fence is a simple job that can dramatically improve the appearance of your fence and also help  extend its lifespan. 


Fence.jpegI painted our backyard fence using a paint sprayer. We had some old sections of fence which didn't look great, especially near new boards. The spray gun was very quick and easy to use and the fence looks terrific.


We have an empty block on one side of our house so I was able to have a look to see if there was any paint that might have come through to the other side of the fence. There was no evidence that the other side had been painted at all.


You'll need to clean the palings before painting to remove any dirt, dust and cobwebs. I just did it by hand with a small brush.


Priming is usually advised before painting most surfaces, as it creates a layer that paint can better adhere to. It can often save you time and money, and help ensure a better finish. In the case of painting wood, primer can help fill in the grain and create a smooth surface for the subsequent coats.


Remember that you'll want to choose a paint that is suitable for a spray gun. I used Dulux Rapid Finish, which doesn't need to be diluted and was self-priming so very convenient. Double check with a paint specialist at your local store first.


You'll need to cover surfaces you don't want to get paint on, like brickwork for example. Although the gun is reasonably accurate there will be splatter, so preparation is important. I spent a lot of time taping up newspaper on the timber boards to cover them. But every time the wind blew through the boards the newspaper would lift off – the gentle paint tape I was using wasn't really strong enough, but I didn't want to use anything that might damage the boards. I found it was easier just to tape a couple of lines, cut in with a brush and use a large piece of cardboard to shield the boards whenever I had to spray near them. 


As with any sprayer, they require you to follow instructions on cleanup after use. The most common issue is clogged paint in the nozzle and feed line. It really is a quick cleanup procedure compared to brushes or rollers.


The Bunnings team has shared step-by-step advice for how to transform your fence. - Jason



I used the Dulux Rapid Finish spray gun and Dulux Rapid Finish paint to give our fence a makeover. It has made such a difference to a once boring fence. I used the colour Monument and diluted the paint by 10 per cent to allow a more consistent flow. We also used the same gun and paint for our Colorbond shed and it looks great. I put the flow on a lower speed to stop any paint dripping. Best $99 I spent on this spray gun. Works a treat.


To paint the top of a fence, Bunnings Workshop members have suggested a variety of difficult approaches for painting the top of the fence to ensure you don't inadvertently paint your neighbour's house or garden. They include:


  • Replace the paint spray gun for a brush to "cut in" for the top of the fence.


  • Use a large piece of cardboard or Trim Guide to shield behind the top of the boards.


  • Drape a long cloth-backed drop sheet over the fence. Spray the top of the fence by holding the top of the sheet with one hand while using the paint spray gun with the other.




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