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How do you stop a tree stump regrowing?

TreeStump.jpegOne method to kill a tree stump is to use Manutec 1kg Epsom Salt. You drill into the stump with an 8mm or 10mm drill bit. You drill as many holes as you can and as deep as you can, and then fill the holes with Epsom salt. Once all the holes are full, put some water in each hole until they are saturated but not overflowing. 


The Epsom salt in large quantities draws the moisture out of the stump, thereby dehydrating it. It should kill off the stump in approximately one month depending on the size of the stump. Cover the stump with a piece of tarp to prevent it from getting wet by the rain. 


Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing, gloves, goggles and a mask when using either salt or glyphosate. 


Of course, before you start cutting any trees down you should also check with your local council on the rules and regulations regarding cutting trees on your property. Some will require you to have a permit if the tree is of a certain size. - EricL

An alternative is to use glyphosate diluted 1 part glyphosate to 6 parts of water and injected into the trunk in the same way - 8-10mm diameter and about 20-30mm deep. The herbicide needs to be in contact with the cambium layer - the green wood immediately beneath the bark. This is where it is absorbed and carried throughout the tree and roots via the sap system.


Either of the options given may take several weeks to work, especially when the sap flow is sluggish due to cold air and soil temperatures. - Noelle

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