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How do you stop mulch blowing away?

Mulch.jpegWhen creating a mulched garden bed exposed to windy conditions, it's essential to take practical steps to keep your mulch in place.


Start by selecting a heavier mulch material, like large wood chips - they are less likely to get carried away by the wind. Don't skimp on the amount of mulch and apply a generous layer to give it the weight it needs to stay put.


Consider adding garden edging that rises above the level of your mulch. This acts as a barrier to prevent mulch from escaping the bed and serves as an additional windbreak. If you want an even more substantial windbreak, options like decorative screening, a low wall, or dense shrubs on the windward side work well.


After spreading your mulch, make it a habit to give it a good watering. This helps the mulch particles bind together, reinforcing their position in the garden bed.


These simple steps will go a long way to ensuring your mulched garden stays looking its best, even when the wind picks up. - MitchellMc

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