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How do you waterproof a bathroom?


Any plastic sheet videos you might see out there are all US based. That method is not used here, at least not on any job I have ever seen. Vacuum any dust, and prime with an acrylic based concrete primer (not a paint primer). Apply extra to areas that are soaking it in too fast.


Apply a fillet of compatible sealant to all corners and crevices beforehand. Use your finger to smooth it to a small radius, 5-6mm. I'm not sure if silicone is right for this. I use an SMP eurethane such as Solarflex ($21/600ml sausage), but you can use Flexiseal ($15/600ml). Both are paintable, but the SMP has the edge in sticking to the widest range of products. I use it for many, many tasks. - ​​dejayajay


Before you start the project, you may like to check with your local council about any licensing requirements for waterproofing.


Some videos that should be helpful can be found below. - MitchellMc




We used paint on waterproofing. Once the screed has fully dried, vacuum it well and paint over some primer (use one that is compatible and the same brand as the waterproofing) then paint on the waterproofing. I used three coats in the shower and two coats on the rest of the floor. You need to silicone the edges first and use waterproofing tape around the edges. Bunnings have heaps of great videos that go through the steps. Also don't forget to seal the grout afterwards as it does make a big difference to how clean the new tiles stay - Carmel99


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