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How often should you clean the bathroom?

ScrubbingBrush.jpgYou should clean the bathroom at least once a week. I don't clean the bath every week though. Perhaps I should according to this… "The toilet has a reputation as one of the dirtiest areas of a bathroom, but according to new research, it’s got nothing on your bathtub. Elizabeth Scoot, co-director of the Centre for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community at Simmons College in Boston, compared the bacteria she found on baths to garbage bins. Scoot found skin infection-causing bacteria in 26 per cent of baths tested, compared with just 6 per cent of garbage bins. The verdict: Clean your bathtub as often as your toilet – ideally every week."


There's some bathroom cleaning tips in this article. I was most interested by this - start the deep clean process by pouring a cup of bicarb soda down the toilet bowl. I typically just use Domestos. - Isobel


I give our bathroom a quick general clean every week. We leave a squeegee in the shower and tend to give the glass a wipe every few days. I do a proper clean (bath scrub, etc) probably once a month. Our bathroom is rather small so isn't too hard to maintain. - aly


Once per week for a proper clean. I wipe down the vanity/sink most days. - KingStreetReno


When we moved in the bathroom was newly renovated, but unfortunately doesn't have any windows that open. So we are pretty conscious of keeping it well ventilated and clean. I like to do a proper clean every second week but in between after a shower we squeegee down the walls and screen. I also keep a cloth in the bathroom just to run over the basin and sink every now and again. - Andadams


Bathroom gets a spruce up with vinegar each time it’s used. Toilet is the same, keep germs to minimum by always having toilet set down when flushing and then a quick going over once a week. - Janina_G


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