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What angle grinder do you recommend?

AngleGrinder.jpgI've got two 100mm angle grinders, a Makita and a Work-zone. Both work well but the Makita is easier to change discs and a good feel in the hand. I use a rotary hacksaw blade in the Makita for cutting timber and light metals. 1mm cutting discs for metal cutting and a grinding wheel on the Work-zone. Overall, the Makita is a better unit and I find it indispensable for the more delicate tasks. - cadsman


125mm cordless Bosch sits in my not too little and not too big spot. If I was still a welder full time I would use a corded tool in a workshop. - Brad


There is a trade-off between all the angle grinders. The larger sizes that have the most wattage will get the job done the fastest, however, they are awkward to handle and have limited usage in other applications. Smaller grinders are easier to handle and can be used in a variety of other situations, though they might lack the power necessary for some jobs. - MitchellMc

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