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What are your tips for spring cleaning?

CleaningWindows.jpegFor mould and mildew, scrub down the area with a minimum amount of hot soapy water to remove any excess build-up. These eraser pads can help get the ingrained mould out of painted walls.


Then using a 500ml spray bottle, add 2 teaspoons of clove oil, then fill the rest with water. Spray this mixture over the affected and surrounding area. The clove oil kills mould spores and prevents it from returning.


Last time the real estate was around to do an inspection they asked how we keep the mould away unlike the previous tenants. They now recommend this mixture to other tenants with mould issues.


Apart from the fact that it works, the best thing is you don't need to breath in excess amounts of bleach based cleaners. - MitchellMc


My tip for this time of year is to clean the internals of your PCs and laptops, but it's essential to comply with anti-static procedures. A simple grounding strap is all that's required to prevent static killing sensitive components.


It's incredible how much dust can accumulate on heat sensitive components over time, which plays all kinds of random havoc on computer performance if the heat isn't dissipated. Deadset cheap and easy to do, with the added bonus that it could save you from an expensive call to a computer tech.


Simply shutdown your computer, unplug it from the powerpoint, then slip the elastic band of the Anti Static strap onto your wrist. Then attach the spring clip to a metal part of the computer case, NOT to metal parts of the electronic components.


The cheapest, simplest, repeatable way to clean the computer circuitboard is to use a Cosmetics Brush. Their bristles are fine enough to get into the heatsink fins, which are the most important things to clean. The really important heatsinks often have an electric fan attached to them, & look like a very thick block metal, that have had very deep, fine and close slots cut into them, or they may look like a miniature radiator from a car.


I don't recommend getting a micro vacuuming kit for your vacuum cleaner, instead use the blowing function if it has one. There's the good old air compressor to blast the dust away, but if you have one, then a cheap alternative is to the use an Aerosol Duster.Andy_Mann


My tip would be to first go through your cupboards, wardrobes etc and donate items to charity that you haven't used for a while. Makes the cleaning process easier and is very satisfying. - Isobel


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