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What flooring option is best for dogs?

Dogs.jpgAll timber will scratch and dent. That to most people is the attraction. As it ages timber starts to show character, and must be real (if that's important) because it's scratched. This includes bamboo. Bamboo is just a bit tougher, but will still scratch and dent. We have laminate flooring at home for all of the above mentioned reasons. It doesn't scratch or dent. Anyone can gouge it if treated too rough. But you can happily wear the wife's stilettos around the house when she's out. No tell tale dents. Likewise the 400lb rotties are unlikely to damage the floor. Hours of endless fun watching them slip and slide whilst running on the floor until they learn to run on their pads. - PJA


We've got a dog and his claws have caused minor scratches on the polished boards (particularly when the door bell rings!). But while you obsess over every little scratch just after they are polished, after a while you just get so many scratches that it doesn't really matter. I'd happily go again with timber. I'd also imagine that claws will scratch most flooring types, whether it’s polished concrete, tiles, timber, cork, etc… - Kermit


We have floating timber floors in our kitchen/sunroom area and they do get nail scratches, but we're not fussed at all. In fact the floor looked too nice when first laid (laminate looking), but now they're lived in & beautiful.


The better floating floors have a thicker wooden veneer, & can be sanded back & resealed about 3 times before they'll need replacing, but that can be avoided if you're happy to apply a scratch cover product, or rub with a walnut kernel. - Andy_Mann


There are 3 main types of floating floor: #1 Laminate, #2 timber veneer or engineered flooring as it is sometimes called, and #3 real (solid timber).  2 & 3 are re-sandable and 1 is not. They all have their place most popular is laminate as it tends to be the most cost efficient and they come in various thicknesses. The thicker, the more expensive. The best one for dogs is laminate as the surface is harder than a hardwood. I have both timber veneer and laminate in my house and my dog marks the veneer but not the laminate. - mountainman

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