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What is the best way to clean windows?

Cloth.jpgMy previous regime has been two buckets and three cloths. Do most of the grunt work with the first cloth and bucket (which gets dirty quicky) then another once over with a clean one, then finally wipe off any excess moisture with a microfibre cloth to ensure a streak-free finish. I don't use any soap or detergent, and no squeegees or newspaper. - CathD


Good old fashioned newspaper and windex - works every time! - Darren


I agree newspaper is the best way to go! Leaves no streaks! - kaylah_rose


Although I've never tried this myself, I've often heard mixing water and distilled vinegar is a good way to wash glass! - aly


This is the window cleaning recipe I use, it is streak-free and like the other contributors I am a newspaper advocate! - cupofchloe


I agree with the water and vinegar using a microfibre cloth then dry with newspapers - Elaine


This tip about not cleaning windows when it's too hot is probably common knowledge for a streak-free result, but I hadn't heard of using cornstarch before. - Jason


My builder and his wife (who cleans up the worksite before handing over to the client) swear by Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid and after seeing how it worked on our windows, I would have to agree. We've got a kajillion windows in our new reno at Culburra plus those louvre ones (pain in the a*se to clean) and they've come up a treat.


Mrs Henno has come up with an invention to clean the louvres which involves a pair of BBQ tongs and some sort of car washing cloth. It's in its first iteration, so only early days and trials are ongoing. - Henno


When my windows are really dusty outside, I hose them down first. Then use morning fresh in a bucket applied with a window washer and squeegee then if streaky about 1/4 cup white vinegar in warm water and my new best buddy for mirrors too is a bamboo cloth. - Wendy62


I've been cleaning windows for years, the best method for outside domestic windows is to buy a good 'streak free' window clean concentrate from Bunnings. Pour the required amount into some water in a bucket (rectangle bucket is best) then after a light hosing of the windows, (one at a time) use a soft broom and/or brush to wash the window down including surrounding timberwork. Then rinse off with a hose. Can do up to 10 standard size windows in one hour and I found it’s still the quickest and best method.


To reach upstairs windows, I connect a soft broom connected to the end of my swimming pool telescope leaf clearer. I use masking tape and quite a bit to keep the broom secure.


Use the same method as ground floor windows. Prepare a window cleaning concentrate (even dishwashing liquid) something that doesn't streak in a rectangle bucket. Hose windows down first probably with hose on jet spray. Slowly sweep/brush with suds and hose down. Window sills may have to be cleaned from in the rooms. NB: You may get a little wet so wait for a nice warm day. Good luck! - Matt5


Here's a quick and simple way to clean outside window glass. Buy one of those small washer / sprayers that has a bottle underneath and attaches to the garden hose.


  1. Spray glass with the high pressure water jet.
  2. Mix a dishwasher detergent tablet in two cups of water.
  3. Spray windows with detergent mix on a wide water fan setting and leave for 5 minutes.
  4. Wash off detergent with high pressure water.


Result. Clean streak free glass. - Prof


Using newspaper to wipe away the mixture is a great way to get a streak-free finish. You might like to also check out Simple Green 750ml Glass Cleaner which is a non-toxic, biodegradable and a safer alternative to toxic cleaners & bleaches. You should find this step-by-step guide helpful: How To Clean Windows. - MitchellMc


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