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What is the best way to cook sausages?

Barbecue.jpgI cringe when I see people pricking their sausages. Why would you want to let all the juices out, drying out the meat and having the skins split? I prefer to cook sausages on the hotplate and am a frequent turner. I don't like overcooking them. - Jason


Sausages are a bit of a staple for me. The trick to not splitting them is two fold - quality sausages, and to cook on a lower heat. When you go on fast on a screaming grill there is a higher chance they will split open. Use some oil on the plate to stop them sticking, and the medium heat and frequently turn. - MoonshineBen


I've heard people saying that you should never use hotplates as then you're not barbecuing, you're frying. I do like the grill marks on my meat, but with snags it can be hard not to burn them on the grill. - AHoy


A medium heat on the plate, turning frequently.  I then finish off on the grill to give them a char finish. - darylhewston


My snags hardly ever split. I don't prick. We tend only to like the skinny ones. So method wise, I just bung them on the BBQ grill on the highest setting and give them a turn every time I sip my red wine.


I cook them to colour more than anything else. We both like our snags moist but not too moist. So I brown them all over sometimes a few black spots if I'm enjoying too good a sip.


They will develop their own little slits and tears and the excess fat will run and cause some exciting flare-ups which all add to the colouring process.


For a quick and healthy meal toss a couple of frozen hash browns, (one each) on the hot plate set on full bore. Turn them until browned on both sides. Don't toss the snags on until the hash are almost done. Chuck on an Egg each as you are taking the hash and snags off. - PJA


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