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What's the best D.I.Y. advice you've ever received?

Plans.jpgThe best D.I.Y. advice I have ever received is not to let mistakes, or the fear of them, hold you back. I've hit countless roadblocks whilst building D.I.Y. projects in my life. Many times after assessing my progress, I've realised that I completely failed at achieving what I set out to do. Therefore, I rarely work to a plan as it affords me too many opportunities to give up as I've run into an issue, and the end goal is no longer achievable. Resisting the urge to give up, pushing through this doubt and working with your mistakes leads to some truly inspirational projects. - MitchellMc


Always drill a small hole before using screws – this has saved a heap of frustration!


Wrap paint brushes in plastic cling wrap between coats rather than washing in water.


Use a blob of blu-tac when position small nails for hammering in. It might save a finger or two. - Kermit


Give yourself longer than you need. Unforeseen circumstances often appear that you did not plan for. So with any renovation project or small job give yourself some contingency so you can deal with the surprises! - cupofchloe


Use damp cotton gloves to clean venetian blinds. - CathD


If you've got a sticker you need to remove, don't peel it off by hand. Use a hair dryer and it will just curl up and fall off. - Kellie


If you've ever stripped a screw, try using a rubber band for grip.


Avoid getting unplugged when using extension leads by tying a loose knot. There's no strain on the plug ends using this technique. Great for when you need to go up and down ladders. - MartyH


Put electrical tape on a drill bit to avoid drilling all the way through a piece of timber. - Joker


Fix a squeaky door by sprinkling talcum powder on the hinges. It also works for squeaky floorboards. - Goldmember


Always keep your Bunnings receipts so you can return what you bought the first time for the correct item the second time. - glcl


When you are cleaning gutters, make sure you avoid using metal tools when scooping out muck and leaves as you can scratch the surface, leading to rust. - Baz


Look after your tools and they will look after you, put them away clean! - Daves880


I no longer store my paint in the original tins. Mine goes in clear Tupperware containers. No more rust, you can see how much paint you have left, and it’s an airtight seal that doesn’t require a screwdriver to remove. - Prawns


Squeaky doors and drawers. Using a dry cake of soap rubbed along touching parts, works really well for this and no mess to clean up. Also for drawers that screech and grind wood on wood, use the dry soap along the touching parts. Years of squeak free usage. - CasaDelLouise


Always start a project with the belief that you can do it... you just need to find out how. Always do some research before starting! In practice, the act of finding out how sometimes leads me to the conclusion that hiring a professional for this one is the best 'how'. - TedBear

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