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Would you buy a house without a bath?

Bath.jpgOur bath rarely gets used but I would consider resale if you aren’t planning to stay for a long time. Without a bath you might be limiting your audience a little – for example, a couple who are thinking about having a baby or have young kids would likely want a bath.


That said, I reckon most people would prefer a luxurious shower than something horrendous like a shower over a bath or a really cramped design. - Kermit


A killer shower is definitely the way to go, but you need to consider the resale scenario. That being said, if you plan on staying in your current place for a fair while just do whatever you want! - Jackson


I'm a big fan of a bath! But if your space only has room for the tiniest of bath tubs I would probably suggest not worrying about one. No point if there's no room to relax! - maknilsin


I am very pro having the bath for a number of reasons.


  1. I have numerous sport injuries, so the bath is perfect for aches and pains.
  2. As a new homeowner who is thinking of having a family, the thought of having a bath option available for potential kids is good.


However, I do think the bath size needs to be worth including. A small bath is never really a good thing. It seems that there is probably a market for resale regardless of whether or not your home includes a bath. - kaylah_rose


In terms of resale I don't think it's a deal breaker if the house doesn't include a bath, however it would be a nice bonus. I would only include a bath if my bathroom was big enough as I wouldn't want to compromise space. - WisteriaLane


It's your home and you have to live in it, so unless it's an investment property I would choose what I wanted the space to be, which for you seems to be an awesome shower with no bath.


There are many reasons a couple planning to have kids or with kids choose a home, it’s not all about the bath. Also with young babies/children, they can just buy those small plastic baths and place them in the shower when the kids are little. My little boy is 1.5 yrs and he’s having showers most days now. - cupofchloe


Until recently, we lived in a house without a bath and it was perfectly fine until we had kids. Now that we have a bath at our new place my 18 month old daughter uses it daily - and it is a hell of a lot easier than using one of those cheap portable baths.


If you don't have kids, and you don't really use a bath much, then get rid of it for the increased space in the bathroom. In the end, it's your place, so do what is best for you. - stupidfish


Why spend a lot of money on a reno that may appeal to a buyer down the track? It's your money, do the reno that fits you. - Andy_Mann


The majority of Workshop members would be happy to live without a bath in their house according to the results of our community poll. - Jason


We have a rather large bathroom and I find that it just takes up space and collects dust so to speak. My children don't use it all that often, showering is quick and easy… and of course less water usage - lifesagoodthing


I bought a house without a bath and have lived very happily without one for 10 years now. For something that only got used in my house in winter about 5 times and the rest of the year collected dust and hair it was no great loss not to have to clean it weekly! I haven't missed it a bit.


But now that I am renovating and possibly selling in 3-5 years it has been brought to my attention by real estate agent - it depends on what market I am selling to… if my market is a family with two small children (schools galore around me) then yes, they will be looking to have a bath.


If on the other hand I am looking at a market for downsizers and older then no, they usually don't want a bath as it's cumbersome for them and most prefer a walk-in shower.


Wouldn't you want 100% of people to look at your house if you were selling it - instead of half dismissing it because it didn't have a bath? I'm facing this and will probably put in a bath - for someone else. - MissStuck


I don't think there's any problem with not having a bath in a one bedroom house. They are only really necessary in larger houses that would have children. - greygardener


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